EM8 Private Equity's ESG commitments

EM8 Private Equity is a signatory of Principles for Responsible Investment supported by the United Nations and has signed the gender equality charter issued by France Invest association.

Our commitments to the EM8 PE team members

· Respect gender equality

· Sustain and facilitate collaborative teamwork, value high personal involvement and ethical behaviour

· Commit to give access to capital of the management company to selected team members

· Foster and encourage fruitful relationships within the whole Private Equity community

· Promote actively  the implementation of ESG  practices among management companies and funds

· Present  and resolve  any situation of conflict of interest

Our commitments to our LPs for selecting our investments

· Respect the international treaties and conventions principles (human rights, children rights, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora…)

· Integrate in the due diligence process key items related to the ESG policy applied at the management company level (and specifically the improvements identified in the investment philosophy and its approach since management company’s creation)

· Formalize a qualitative scoring, and whether possible, integration data on the manager’s ESG approach such as his capacity to consider « emerging trends »

· Encourage selected managers not to invest  in some sectors which do not seem coherent with the willingness to be an active ESG promoter (weapons, tobacco, production of asbestos fibers, use of drift nets exceeding 2.5 km, trade of fauna and flora protected by conventions… )

· Report annually the follow-up of ESG approaches and portfolio key indicators in the Funds of Funds reports

· Issue an ESG annual report summarizing the strategies, the approaches, the portfolio issues and the impact and key indicators.